Semi-Permanent Make-Up

Semi-Permanent Make-Up

Perfect make up every day

Do you live an active life, with make-up application taking up valuable hours of your life, that you could spend doing something more exciting? Perhaps you’re fed up of cycling to work in the rain and turning up at the office with make-up dripping down your face? Semi-permanent make-up is an ideal solution for those of us who tend to wear a similar make-up look most days, and don’t want the hassle of spending time getting it right each morning.

You’ll gain time you didn’t have, a glamorous look that’s perfect every day, and know that it’s going to remain flawless whatever you get up. It’s also ideal for people who are allergic to a lot of make-up products, but don’t want to miss out on looking good. Why not let us apply the premium Nouveau semi-permanent make-up brand to enhance your eyes, lips and eyebrows, and ensure you’re looking great 24/7!

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Duration of treatment:
45 mins-1 hour

Recovery time:
24 hours


1-5 years


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Semi-Permanent Make-Up

Frequently asked questions

  • Is semi-permanent make-up like a tattoo?

    It is similar to a tattoo in that pigment is inserted under the skin, but instead of being permanent, the pigment will fade in time. Colours can be topped up. Some treatments are more permanent than others. Treatments which last just a couple of weeks, like brow brush, are designed to give you a idea of how you’ll look, if you opt for a treatment with longer results.

  • How can semi-permanent make-up be used?

    It’s typically used to give you more eyebrow and lip definition, as well as to enhance your eyes by adding a semi-permanent eyeliner. If you’re looking for a particular make-up look to frame your face, or balance your features, but you’re not sure of what to choose, our practitioner will be able to give you an idea of what to expect when you have your pre-treatment consultation.

  • What happens during a semi-permanent make-up treatment?

    Following your consultation, where you’ll have chosen your preferred colour option and have a good idea of how you’ll look afterwards, we’ll use a microscopic needle to apply the makeup. Local anaesthetic will have been applied beforehand to ensure you’re not in any discomfort and having semi-permanent make-up is said to be far less painful than having an actual tattoo.

  • How safe is it?

    This is a very safe treatment, when delivered by Yuliya Cullen, our expert Facial Aesthetics practitioner. She is a medical professional nurse-prescriber, who is hugely experienced in using Nouveau semi-permanent make-up.

  • Is there anything I need to avoid afterwards?

    Although technically there’s no downtime, and you can return to work immediately following treatment, we do advise you not to drive home from your appointment. Your eyes may water slightly, or even risk being slightly swollen for a few hours afterwards. You will need to allow time for the skin to heal; generally 3-7 days for surface skin cells, and 10-14 days for skin at a deeper level. Full aftercare guidance will be given, so you’ll know exactly how to look after the treated skin until it’s healed.

  • Is semi-permanent make-up suitable for everyone?

    Most people are suitable candidates for semi-permanent make-up, but we’ll examine your skin during your initial consultation and discuss with you any existing health conditions which may provide an obstacle to you having treatment.

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