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Cosmetic perfection isn’t just for women

Treatments to make men look their best

So many clinics angle their marketing towards their female clients, but that’s not to say there isn’t a huge range of cosmetic treatments that wouldn’t benefit men.

Here at the Cotswold Fab clinic, we take good care of our male clients, introduce them to treatments that will help them reach their aesthetic goals, and guide them through the process to ensure they achieve optimal results safely.

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For Men

Frequently asked questions

  • Can you help me achieve a sharper jawline?

    We offer a number of treatments to combat jawline laxity. Whether dermal fillers, or a skin tightening treatment would be more suitable in your case will be determined, when you visit us for your confidential skin consultation. When we meet you, we’ll be able to examine and assess your skin to give you a range of options.

  • Can you advise me about male chest surgery?

    If you’re planning to have male chest surgery to reduce the appearance of prominent breasts, and you’d like to know what to expect, we offer a handholding service. This is a very specific consultation which will explain what will happen during your surgery, how long it will take to recover, and whether it’s the best option for you. Emma will give you professional, informed, independent advice as well answer any questions you may have.

  • How can I look younger?

    We offer a wide range of rejuvenation treatments for men and women. We’ll be able to assess the most effective treatment for you, when we meet you at your consultation. Everyone’s skin ages differently, which is why we need to see you face-to-face, to give you advice that’s relevant to you.

  • Can you help me with hair loss?

    Our in-house trichologist treats hair loss problems holistically. This means that during your hair loss consultation, we’ll look at factors such as genes, diet, lifestyle, and any medication you’re on, in order to assess probable causes, and then the treatments that are most likely to have an effect.

  • Do you remove back and chest hair?

    We offer laser hair removal treatment on just about any part of the face or body. If you have unwanted hair, the Lutronic Clarity device can remove it permanently and painlessly for you.

  • Will you need to share the information I provide with anyone?

    All of our consultations are confidential. We appreciate your right to privacy, and therefore the only people we may share your information with, are the technicians who will be involved in your treatment. And we will only share that information with your consent.

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