Lip Fillers

Lip Fillers

Enhancing your lip shape and volume

Fed up with asymmetrical lips? Or perhaps you fancy a change? Our Juvederm lip fillers provide lip definition, whether you’d prefer them to be lusciously plumper, a different shape, or equally proportioned. Lip fillers contain a quantity of smooth-consistency hyaluronic acid, a substance that is already in our bodies, but in decreasing quantities as we age. That’s why our lips get thinner as we get older, and also why increasing our lip volume has a rejuvenating effect.

When hyaluronic acid is injected under the skin, it instantly binds with water. This action provides enhanced skin volume, as well as smoothes over fine lines and wrinkles in and immediately around your lips. Your lips will feel softer, and look naturally reshaped and redefined. You’ll discuss the lip look you wish to achieve with our practitioner during your consultation. It’s our priority to provide reliable results that match, and even exceed, your expectations.

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Duration of treatment:
20 minutes

Recovery time:
24-48 hours

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6–12 months

Start from £195 0.55ml £280 1ml, subject to Filler being used

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Lip Fillers

Frequently asked questions

  • What does lip filler treatment involve?

    Lip filler treatment is similar to dermal filler treatment, except the hyaluronic acid used is of a smoother consistency. Hyaluronic acid is the glue that holds all the joints in the body together. It occurs naturally, and reserves of it decrease as we age. Lip filler treatment restores lost hyaluronic acid, or adds supplementary hyaluronic acid to subtly change the look of your lips. It is delivered via injection by an experienced practitioner. The result is younger-looking, plumper, more attractive, more hydrated, luscious looking lips.

  • What lip concerns can lip fillers treat?

    Lip fillers can improve the symmetry of your lips, add lip volume where required, define your lip shape and lip borders, remove smokers’ lines, and subtly lift your lip corners.

  • Does lip filler treatment hurt?

    A numbing cream can be applied beforehand to ensure you’re comfortable throughout the procedure. The numbing cream contains Lidocaine, which is a local anaesthetic.

  • How safe are lip fillers?

    When administered by Emma, our trained and experienced practitioner, you’re in safe hands. The treatment has been approved by the FDA and we only use premium Juvederm lip fillers, created by cosmetic industry leader Allergan. Minor side-effects are common, and include minor swelling, bruising, and redness to the lip area, although they usually subside over a couple of days.

    Following your treatment, we’ll offer thorough after-care advice, such as avoiding make up, sunlight, saunas, and steam rooms for two weeks.

  • Can anyone have lip fillers?

    Lip fillers are suitable for most people, as long as you can cope with the treatment physically and psychologically. You’ll be able to speak to Emma about your expectations, the details of what the treatment involves, and the sort of results you can hope to achieve, when you have your pre-treatment consultation with her. At this point she’ll check it’s the best treatment for you.

  • What sort of results can I expect?

    You will be able to see visible results immediately. There may be some minor bruising, or swelling, but this will soon subside. Your new rejuvenated look should remain in place for up to 6 months. At this point you can book yourself in for a top up appointment to maintain your lips.

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