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It is our aim to offer you extremely high quality treatments for the fairest possible price in order to give our clients value for money. We try to exceed the level of service offered by other clinics, provide better results, and ensure that our treatments are priced fairly, without adding hidden fees on top. In a bid to be open and honest, here’s our price list.

These prices reflect the investment we’ve made in our staff, our technology, and our premium products. When it comes to your appearance, don’t settle for less. You’ll only be this age once, so seize the moment.

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Wrinkle Reduction from £178
Lip Fillers from £195
Dermal Fillers from £170
Laser Hair Removal from £55
Laser Tattoo Removal per treatment £75
Skin Rejuvenation from £189
Non-Surgical Facelift (PDO Thread Lift) £1200
Obagi Radiance Peel £75
Vein Removal from £285
Mole Removal £150
Cellulite Treatment course of 10 £1000
Skin Care from £43
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