Semi-Permanent Make-Up

Do you wish you had more time to spend on doing your make-up each morning or – better yet - that you could cut your daily prep time? Do you want to look your best at any time of day? Do you want a make-up routine that’s low maintenance and hassle-free?

At Cotswold Face and Body Clinic, we use the amazing Nouveau semi-permanent make-up to enhance your eyebrows, eyes and lips, so that your make-up is good to go from the moment you wake up. You can take your look from subtle to defined, understated to glamorous in very little time because the foundations of stunning make-up are already in place.

Semi-permanent make-up is ideal if you want to escape the hassle of doing your make-up every day, enhance your appearance and correct certain features. We also see athletes or people with very active jobs, individuals with vision impairment, alopecia sufferers, and people who are allergic to most conventional make-up brands.


  • How does semi-permanent make-up work?

    Semi-permanent make-up works on a similar principle to tattooing. However, instead of applying permanent ink, we use micro-insertions of pigment to your skin to create the desired colour. As the name would suggest, the make-up doesn’t last forever – after anywhere between one and five years, you may need to top-up your colours. With Nouveau semi-permanent make-up, there are options such as the Brow Blush treatment, which last for two to four weeks to give you a taster of what can be achieved.

  • What areas of the face can semi-permanent make-up be used on?

    Semi-permanent ink can be used to give you defined, natural-looking eye brows, enhance your eyes, add definition to your lips, balance and frame for your face, or contour your features. The end result is flawless make-up, day and night.

  • What should I expect from the treatment?

    During an initial one-to-one consultation with you, we will find out as much as possible about how you would like your make-up to look and how you feel about your appearance. At this appointment, we’ll look at what colour blends suit you and how we might use carefully chosen pigments to enhance your natural features, so that your make-up looks professionally applied and complements you perfectly.

    During the treatment itself, we will use a microscopic sterile needle to apply the semi-permanent make-up. We may apply a numbing anaesthetic cream 30 minutes before your treatment to make sure you feel comfortable throughout. Having semi-permanent make-up applied is generally less painful than tattooing as the treatment is gentler and less invasive.

  • Is semi-permanent make-up safe?

    Semi-permanent make-up has an excellent safety record when used by an experienced practitioner. Education, ongoing skills development and maintenance of trained standards are all essential, as are genuine client testimonials. Our dedicated Facial Aesthetics practioner, Yuliya Culley - RGN, INP (Independent Nurse Prescriber), BSc, MSc – has a great deal of experience with using Nouveau semi-permanent cosmetics.

  • What do I need to do after my semi-permanent make-up treatment?

    We will give you clear instructions about your post-treatment care. Everyone has different healing times but, as a general rule, the surface skin generally heals between three to seven days after the treatment, and 10 to 14 days below the surface.

    Most people return to work the day after their treatment, although you should avoid driving if you have an eyeliner or lash enhancement, as your eyes may water slightly or even appear slightly swollen immediately after your treatment.

    You can wear mineral cosmetics straight away but should wait until your skin is fully healed before wearing traditional cosmetics.

  • Is semi-permanent make-up right for me?

    We recommend that you come into the Cotswold Face and Body Clinic for a free one-to-one consultation so that you can ask questions and get a clear understanding of how we can use semi-permanent make-up to enhance and balance your features, and give you a hassle-free make-up routine.