Cosmetic surgery advice

The decision to have cosmetic surgery isn’t always easy or straightforward and, while you may be committed to having a particular procedure, you may face the dilemma of which surgeon to see and trust for this precious work on your face or body.

An individual hand-holding service

At the Cotswold Face and Body Clinic, our Clinic Director, Emma Beddow, offers what can only be described as a ‘hand holding’ service to give you independent advice about cosmetic surgery and your options. Emma will talk you through your patient journey so that you know what to expect at each step of the way. Emma will also chaperone you if you are nervous about meeting the surgeon on your own.

Independent advice

You are invited to book a free one-to-one consultation with Emma at any time. She will listen carefully to your hopes for treatment, as well as answering your questions and understanding any concerns that you may have at this stage. Emma worked for Transform, the largest provider of cosmetic surgery in the UK, for 11 years and brings her experience and insights to every consultation to give you her independent perspective.

Cosmetic surgery can be life-affirming and life-changing but, like all surgery, it carries risks. It’s also important to recognise that cosmetic surgery isn’t right for everyone. Whatever your individual case, you can rely on Emma to give you her honest advice. Her manner is warm, calm and reassuring.

The best cosmetic surgical treatment for you

Whether you want to see a good local cosmetic surgeon or you would feel more comfortable in the hands of a top Harley Street practitioner, Emma will be able to hold your hand through the process so that you never feel like you’re alone in seeking out the best treatment for you.

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